Once again, Liam Gallagher has expressed an interest in an Oasis biopic. Currently working on the Beatles movie The Longest Cocktail House the musician told The Independent he’d be up for a movie about his band, this according to Vulture.

This isn’t the first time Liam Gallagher has expressed an interest in an Oasis movie. He mentioned the same thing over a year ago in an interview on the website for his clothing label Pretty Green.

More recently, Gallagher says the subject of an Oasis movie sometimes comes up after a few drinks, saying, “We sit about telling stories and talk about putting them in an Oasis film.” In terms of what the film would cover, it sounds as though he’s willing to take the advice of one of his band’s songs in not looking back in anger. Gallagher’s idea for the movie has it starting with Paris, which is where the band broke up in 2009, and working its way backward to Oasis’ earlier days. Whether or not an Oasis film ever happens remains to be seen. It seems like mostly talk right now. In the meantime, movie fans who appreciate Liam Gallagher's work can look forward to The Longest Cocktail Party, a film adaptation of Richard DiLello's book about the Beatles, which Gallagher is currently developing.

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