And why wouldn’t they be? Their last horror franchise, Saw, has just mercifully hit the end of its seven-movie-too-long run, so the distributor will need to fill that void with something and it might as well be another horror franchise they can run into the ground with 3D.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, who recently released Splice, Cube hit theaters in 1997 and follows the story of seven kidnapped strangers who find themselves trapped in a cube of cubes, trying to navigate through the traps each cube may or may not contain. It was a great piece or psychological horror and even had a dash of comedy thrown into the mix, quickly becoming a cult favorite. It was followed up by Cube 2: Hypercube, an ambitious but failed outing by Reservoir Dogs cinematographer Andrzej Sekula.

The latest in the Cube series, Cube Zero, was a prequel to the original and tied well into the first film’s story. Zero was actually Lionsgate’s first run with the franchise, distributing the prequel in Canada in 2004, and presumably it was around that time that they landed the rights for the next one.

According to Shock Til You Drop, Lionsgate doesn’t have something lined up for Cube 3D, they are simply shopping for anything that might work. While they are still listening to pitches, we won’t know exactly how they’re planning to do with the next film. Will it be a reboot or a sequel to Hypercube or something totally different? We won’t know until they’ve chosen a script. But if you’re interested in the Cube franchise, keep checking back for more news as this story unfolds.

Oh, and if you’ve never seen Cube, I highly recommend it and its prequel.

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