As of late, Luke Wilson has been the butt of some unfortunate jokes, be it because of his run as the spokesman for AT&T, the more low-profiled film work or the slight weight gain. However, it's next to impossible to keep talented people down, and Wilson certainly falls into this category. Perhaps that's why he's now hitching his star to one of the most popular comedic actors working today.

Sitting down with Wilson at a roundtable interview for his upcoming film Middle Men, I asked him what his upcoming schedule looked like. In addition to the upcoming HBO series Enlightened, in which he co-stars with Laura Dern, the actor mentioned that he has been working on writing some scripts, one of which is a collaboration with 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan, saying "Tracy Morgan and I are working on a comedy, but it’s tough to get us both organized. Might have to hire a guy to write it."

Unfortunately he was short about giving details about the project, but in all likelihood the two hooked up while co-staring in the Death at a Funeral remake which came out earlier this year. Whatever the project turns into, don't be surprised when Wilson plays the straight man to Morgan's wild-and-crazy character. Perhaps it's just a remake of Blue Streak.

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