A few days ago we told you that, not only is Sony looking for a "gritty" take on Spider-Man for their reboot of the franchise, but they're considering (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb for the job-- because if that movie about holding hands in IKEA and fulfilling your dream of being architect was anything, it was gritty.

Now Deadline Hollywood is confirming that Webb has indeed met with Sony executives to talk about the job, which would be going into production later this year. The article expresses shock that Webb is being chosen over a shortlist of directors like James Cameron, Wes Anderson and David Fincher, but to me the idea that any of those three established, iconoclastic directors would tangle with a studio this willing to muck about in their movies is laughable at best.

There's nothing, of course, in Webb's background as a music video director that suggests he's equipped to handle a superhero story-- but then again, Sam Raimi was an unlikely choice too. I'm completely convinced that the studio is seeking out a young director simply so they can push him around, so it's hard to be excited, exactly, if Webb were to get the job. He deserves big things in his career to be sure, but he probably won't deserve the baggage that comes along with this job.

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