Meet Jason, Daniel and Mikey of Tom Gormican's That Awkward Moment. They are three twenty-something guys who decide to stay single as a sign of solidarity after one of them suffers through a horrendous break-up. You know the kind where the only solace you can find is in comfort-binging on ice cream and whiskey? That kind of break-up. But their resolve to stay unattached is threatened when the guys begin to meet gals who are all kinds of incredible, pushing them to that awkward moment when you realize you might be in love.

Yahoo wants you to get to know this trio played by Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, and so have unfurled three videos that introduce us to each. Jason (Efron) is the leader of this wolf pack. He's a smooth ladies man, but his rep is hurt when he begins posting cute kitten vids on his girl's facebook timeline.

Mikey (Jordan) has killer taste when it comes to kicks, but his heart is broken, leaving him craving peanut butter chocolate ice cream more than new romance. Also, his penis looks like sad giraffe sometimes.

Then there's Daniel (Teller), the goofball who is looking for a girl who can appreciate pizza and whose crotch lines up perfectly with his bed.

Aaaaand, bonus! We actually get to meet one of the ladies shaking up this wolf pack's world. Imogen Poots plays Ellie, who grabs Jason's eye and then brings his buddies Scotch. Can she handle "the den of testerone?" Spoiler alert: yup!

These character portraits as well as the previously released posters tease the sex comedies more R-rated aspects. But for a full dose of its raunchy appeal, check out this wild red band trailer that answers that age-old question: how does a dude pee while he has a boner?

That Awkward Moment opens January 31, 2014.

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