Remember a few years back when Jesse Eisenberg was commonly referred to as "the poor man's Michael Cera?" Well, 2010 offered both a major role reversal in the form of The Social Network and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. While the former won tons of attention and earned Eisenberg an Academy Award nod, the latter tanked at the box office despite widespread critical praise. So, Eisenberg's star rose as Cera slunk out of the spotlight.

But it's 2013 and the actor who captured our hearts as the cousin-kissing George-Michael Bluth is poised for a comeback! Not only is Arrested Development miraculously returning this spring, but also Cera is slated to appear in three 2013 releases, including two features from Chilean writer-director Sebastián Silva. Last fall we got a glimpse of Magic, Magic with a string of stills, and now Punch Drunk Critics has uncovered a couple of clips from Crystal Fairy, which you can view below.

In Crystal Fairy, Cera stars as Jamie, an American tourist who goes on a bad trip (of at least two varieties) when he decides to invite a stranger on a road trip into the desert, where he gets high on Mescaline. The first clip is clearly from the desert section of the film, but I wonder if the second precedes it in the film. Because if one of these prostitutes is the stranger Jamie takes to the desert, he's got a pretty big surprise in store. But what's most interesting about these clips is that they unmistakably show Cera is looking to rebrand himself and break out of the very specific niche he created that later strangled his career prospects. It's a bold and necessary movie, but will it work?

Crystal Fairy premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on January 17th.

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