Michael Madsen appeared in 16 movies last year. This year he’ll hit that number again. According to IMDB he’s been in nearly 200 movies and television shows since 1982. This guy likes to work and work a lot. Some of it’s great, some of it’s probably a paycheck, but he’s always worked. Now for the first time Mr. Blonde is getting behind the camera.

Double Helix Entertainment informs us that Madsen has just signed on to direct something called The Human Factor for them. He’ll also act in the film, produce it, and we assume do catering. Also on board to act in the film as part of the supporting cast are Machete’s Danny Trejo and Hellboy’s Luke Goss and Doug Jones.

Double Helix is a small, upstart production company just getting things together so don’t expect The Human Factor to show up in theaters as Hollywood’s next summer blockbuster. The Human Factor is a thriller, likely modestly budgeted, as only a thriller can be. It follows an investigative reporter and a renegade detective as they investigate the disappearance of New York’s homeless population. And here I thought getting rid of the homeless was a good thing. Don’t worry, I hear they bought them plane tickets and shipped them all to Miami Beach. Lebron James needs a fanbase.

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