With a glut of high-quality new movies in theaters this weekend, the moviegoers of America took a look at their options and chose… none of them. Well, that's not exactly true--Mission : Impossible - Ghost Protocol is on track to win the weekend with $39.5 million for the four-day holiday weekend, and the entire weekend is up 3% over this time last year. But seemingly every movie in release is managing to disappoint, from the broad-appeal Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked to the hard-R The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Tom Cruise has won the weekend, but it's a fairly paltry prize.

The biggest surprise underperformer may be We Bought A Zoo, which was well-reviewed both by critics and by audiences at sneak preview screenings, but is on track to pull in just $11.7 million for the weekend-- putting it behind even The Adventures of Tintin, an adaptation of a comic book that most Americans have never heard of. According to Deadline even Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows is disappointed to be #2 in its second week of release, since a lot of people were expecting it to make it to #1.

Monday is a national holiday in the United States, so it's very possible there will be a big uptick in moviegoing before the weekend is through. But once again this December seems to be a bit of a bummer for moviegoers, despite a lot of good stuff that's rushed into theaters in the last few days. Have you seen any of these? Or are you looking at this year's offerings and deciding sticking at home is a better plan?

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