Frozen remains red hot, with no signs of cooling off.

Coming out of the weekend, it was impossible not to notice the animation movie’s staying power at the box office. Frozen has banked $810 million globally, with experts predicting an eventual $1 billion take. After nine weeks on the charts, the movie is shattering box office records, toppling marks held by classic Disney and Pixar movies like The Lion King and Finding Nemo, and entertaining audiences of all ages.

And we just want to know why.

The Monday Movie Memo starts your week off with an interesting topic, usually inspired by actions that took place over the weekend. This morning, we couldn’t stop talking about Frozen, and its continued dominance over the entertainment industry. Watch our Memo over a hot cup of coffee. Weigh in below with your thoughts as to why Frozen continues to crush at the box office. And click through these CinemaBlend stories, which will help inform your opinion of Disney’s latest smash hit.

- Let It Go ranks high in our Oscar Analysis of the Best Original Song category.

- It also ranks high on the box office charts.

- Here’s how you know Frozen is an international hit.

- Disney wants Frozen to become a Broadway show.

- Until then, fans will keep making their own Frozen video homage videos.

- Finally, if you missed it, here’s that Maleficent clip that aired during the Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to continue practicing Let It Go before the Sing-Along Frozen screenings start this Friday, Jan. 31.

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