It seems inevitable that some part of Louis Leterrier’s upcoming magician’s heist flick Now You See Me is going to implode, if not all of it. But until I actually see it, nothing is going to destroy the unabashed childlike glee I have in anticipating this movie. The above clip from Yahoo! Movies further solidifies my wariness for what Leterrier is bringing to this story, with a script written by Ed Solomon (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure), Boaz Yakin (Safe) and newcomer Edward Ricourt.

After Now You See It’s silly but strong opening four minutes of the film were released a few days ago, it was easy to see that the entire thing was filmed as if it were a trailer for itself. The above clip takes that to the extreme, showcasing the extended money-dropping stage trick featured heavily in the first trailer. So maybe that’s where the connection lies - but I sincerely thought I was watching a trailer for the first twenty seconds or so, with all the quick fades and coked-out panning.

It’s still a pretty nifty scene, with its proposed tunnel from the bank to the performance venue, and we get to see what little bit of French actor José Garcia there is to see. Michael Caine is gonna get pissed, y’all! It’s still weird to see Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco commanding a crowd like that, but it’ll be doable if the science and the magic make the perfect cinematic elixir. From the man who last brought us 2010’s Clash of the Titans, I cannot possibly expect this film to go downhill from there.

The film sees Eisenberg, Franco, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher as a supersquad of illusionists/thieves taking on the FBI in a series of high-risk heists targeting corrupt business leaders, including Michael Caine, with Morgan Freeman as their smooth talking go-between. The Four Horsemen could be the Robin Hood of the Ocean’s Eleven crowd if nobody pulls any wool over the viewers’ eyes.

In case you missed it, check out those opening four minutes below, and you can catch Now You See Me in full when the film is released on May 31.

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