They won’t get to host next year’s Academy Awards telecast (damn you, Billy Crystal!), but the Muppets can take solace in the fact that they’ve got a terrific film about to hit theaters in a few weeks. And even though they promised that the most recent trailer spoof was the last, we have at least one more teaser spin (via Empire) to share. This time out, Kermit and Miss Piggy go Bollywood! How can you resist?

The thing I like about these trailer spoofs – from the Green Lantern tease to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo gag – is that they all largely use the same footage from the finished Muppets movie, but just interchange clever dialogue to reflect the latest idea. And yet, when you finally sit down to watch the James Bobin-directed feature, all of these marketing gimmicks melt away under the warm glow of Muppet nostalgia.

You’ll see for yourself soon enough. The Muppets, which opens in theaters on Nov. 23, stars Jason Segal and Amy Adams as Smalltown, USA tourists who agree to help Kermit, Fozzie Bear and the gang stage one last variety program so they can raise enough funds to save their precious theater. It is one of the season’s true must-sees. Enjoy it with your whole family.

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