At this point you're either completely unaware that the romantic action comedy Killers is coming out on June 4, or you're already dreading the advertising onslaught that will focus on Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, two actors who have managed to overstay their pop culture welcome while not really doing much of anything. In Killers they play a newly married (or engaged? It's unclear here) couple whose relationship is thrown off kilter when it's revealed-- oh no!-- that he's an assassin. Or, as Kutcher so memorably puts it, "I work for the blah blah blah and they've given me a license to blah." Wait, what? Is that supposed to be some secret sarcastic code?

Check out the madness below. Bottom line is that this film looks insanely similar to July's Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, and in that head-to-head, The Killers seems like the clear loser.

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