When it comes to MacGruber my opinion on the film seems to be at the low end of the early reaction spectrum, and yet, even I had fun with it. Sure it’s full of easy scatological jokes, but at least they’re really funny easy scatological jokes. The movie’s new trailer is funny too and if you click play and laugh at all during the embedded video below, then you’re sure to find at least a few funny moments in the film.

It’s worth noting that since this is a green band trailer for general public consumption, they’ve watered things down. MacGruber is a very hard-R comedy, while this is as PG trailer which can’t even get the villain’s name right. For the record, Val Kilmer’s codename is not “Dieter”. His name is Dieter von Cunth. That’s right, Cunth. It’s that kind of movie.

Watch the new trailer for MacGruber right here:

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