Remember that lady in the red dress you couldn't get enough of in Inglourious Basterds? Well her name is Melanie Laurent and she's starring in The Concert with Francois Berleand and Alexei Guskov. The film is quite a departure from the ravenous and revenge driven Shosanna for Laurent, but it at least gets the amazing actress back in front of American eyes.

ComingSoon snatched up this brand new poster for the film from The Weinstein Company and it's... well... kind of lame. It looks a bit like the poster for a Don Knotts film except for the image which turns the whole thing into a feel good Mr. Hollands Opus type joint. Not to mention the "herp derp" kind of smile Laurnet is wearing.The tagline brands it as an uplifting comedy and the talent behind it proves already that this will be an enjoyable film, but the poster just doesn't work. Scope it out below the synopsis provided by ComingSoon.

In this new comedy, Guskov stars as Andrei Filipov, a once celebrated Russian conductor of the Bolshoi who has hit rock bottom and is now working as a depressed custodian who drinks too much. But when he intercepts an invitation meant for this former orchestra to perform in Paris, Andrei masterminds a plan to pose as the leader of the group in order to make a triumphant return to the music scene. With a motley bunch of former musicians at his side, Andrei sets off for Paris to fulfill his destiny and return to his glory as a great conductor. Along the way, he will reunite with a young, beautiful violin virtuoso played by acclaimed actress Mélanie Laurent who holds the key to his past and to his future. With a message of hope and making the most of second chances, "The Concert" promises to be one of the most uplifting and entertaining films of the year.

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