Until this point, every Saw film (aside from the original, which still wasn’t all that great) has been a waste of a good idea. The story has always been recycled and the series has been reduced to the “but the deaths are cool” defense from it’s inexplicably loyal fans, much in the same way the Final Destination films have been.

Alas, the franchise has been very successful and is about to release the seventh in the ongoing Jigsaw story, to be titled Saw 3D The Traps Come Alive, according to a Lionsgate announcement about the film's Comic Con presence. Presumably this is some play on words implying that there will be living things involved in this latest round of “which trap is coolest." I’m hoping for bears and sharks personally, but holy shit that is an awful title for a film. First of all, the title includes the term 3D, which disgusts me to this day (though strangely I’m OK with Piranha 3D), and telling the audience that the traps come alive seems like a waste of a cool surprise. Fans of the franchise have been on board since 2004 and have been just fine with the sequential naming convention. Switching it around now will probably not keep the box office receipts from tanking like last year’s Saw 6.

At Comic Con July 23rd “cast and filmmakers” will be panelized for a Q&A with their fans about the upcoming installment. Personally, I’d like to ask director Kevin Greutert what sort of strong-arming tactics Lionsgate used to force him off of Paranormal Activity 2, whose new teaser is scarier than Saw has ever been.

Saw 7, as I’m going to refer to it still, has been in dire straits ever since they forced a director to do the job rather than finding someone who wanted to. Putting someone behind the camera who’s heart isn’t in it is going to produce shit, and since you can pretty much be guaranteed shit from the Saw films, expect more than an unpolished turd this October 22nd.

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