Things looked pretty fantastic for director John Moore this morning. Following the departure of Noam Murro, a report came out that said Fox had offered the Max Payne filmmaker the chance to make Die Hard 5. Now things aren't looking as solid. While Moore is still in the running for the job, Deadline has learned that he has some pretty stiff competition.

According to the new story, Joe Cornish (who released his first feature film, Attack The Block, this past weekend); Justin Lin (who seems to be in the running for every franchise movie these days); and Nicolas Winding Refn (who has earned unyielding praise for his newest film, Drive) have all joined Moore on the shortlist of directors that may take John McClane on his fifth adventure. In debunking the story from earlier today, the site says that Moore has not yet begun meeting with studio heads about the gig, but they are interested as all of his previous features have been under the studio's label. The script, written by Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The A-Team), is said to bring the action hero to Russia and Bruce Willis is set to play the character again.

What a bizarre group of potential choices. While both Lin and Moore have experience with big blockbusters, both Cornish and Winding Refn have both spent their careers making much more modestly budgeted pieces. Obviously the latter two are much more interesting choices, but I also hate the idea of such creative filmmakers potentially being censored by a studio known for being overprotective of its franchises. As much as I'd love to see Winding Refn's take on the John McClane saga, I think it would be much more fulfilling to see him make more movies like Drive, Bronson and the upcoming Only God Forgives. Whoever they pick from this group, it should be a pretty solid indication of the direction where the movie will go.

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