The Heat is the surprise hit of the weekend, bringing in a whopping $40 million and continuing Melissa McCarthy's remarkable winning streak of pretty much whatever comedy she wants to make. Between this and last year's 21 Jump Street (and even this weekend's other release White House Down, in its own way) we seem to have found ourselves in a kind of meta-revival of the buddy cop movie. Everyone knows that the genre is done to death, so they're working overtime to make something unique out of it-- like a story about two women, or a meta-comedy that knows it's a comedy, or… well, who knows what might be next?

We haven't been this excited about seeing two mismatched cops take on a case since Murtaugh and Riggs first got on each others nerves, and we're already scheming up with more pairs of unlikely partners who we could see bring down the bad guys next. We've got 7 suggestions below, but we want to hear yours in the comments.

Jessica Walter and Kristen Wiig
A good buddy-cop dynamic requires excellent chemistry within the partnership. Even though Kristen Wiig and Jessica Walter didn't get to demonstrate that chemistry in the new season of Arrested Development, since the two were never actually on screen together, Wiig's portrayal of a younger version of Walter's Lucille Bluth was so great that the next logical step is to partner these two up. Their demonstrated sense of comedic timing makes them a great fit to be teamed up, and their age difference invites some amazing potential to the dynamic, whether they're set up as mother and daughter or mentor and apprentice. I picture Walter less as a lady in blue and more as a suited up FBI agent with a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart on Wiig's character, who might still be climbing the ranks and pushing forward in her career. Regardless of the story, these two actors are funny and talented enough to make a great partnership, and one we'd love to see on screen.

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