I already brought you all the major details from the brand-new trailer for The Thing that showed at New York Comic Con, but what did the cast and filmmakers have to say for themselves? I caught up with producer Marc Abraham, star Joel Edgerto and director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. after the panel to pester them, alongside Dave Gonzales from Latino Review, about some of the details of the horror prequel, from how they were keeping true to John Carpenter's film without slaving over the details to what kind of non-human cargo Edgerton's pilot character might wind up flying over the course of the film.

Each of the interviews are about three minutes long-- standard for those lickety-split press lines-- and you can watch them all below. Between these interviews and our extensive reporting from the set, we've got pretty much everything they're going to let you know about The Thing before its release next year on April 28. You can tell when we ask Joel Edgerton about specific plot points that there's a lot they're being forced to keep secret, but isn't the fun of horror not knowing what to expect?

Take a look at the three interviews below.

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