Patton Oswalt is known far better for his stand-up comedy and TV appearances than his acting career, but he's actually got two remarkable feature film performances to his credit-- voicing the enthusiastic rat chef Remy in Ratatouille, and playing the lonely and possibly dangerous Giants fan in the indie drama Big Fan. Now he's adding another feature credit to his resume, though this seems to be skewing more toward the kind of comedic side character he's especially skilled at playing.

According to Variety, he'll be joining the cast of Odd Thomas, the supernatural thriller that stars Anton Yelchin as a short-order cook who can also speak to the dead. Oswalt's character is a local artist who designs the sculpture that Odd Thomas wears around his neck; it's unclear whether that necklace gives him the clairvoyant powers. Addison Timlin and Willem Dafoe are also on board, and as reported yesterday Scream 4's Nico Tortorella is in talks to play the Satanic villain.

As diverse and, yes, a little strange as the cast may be, the weirdest thing of all about Odd Thomas is that it will be directed by Stephen Sommers, who last made G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. It gives me no idea what to expect, but then again, that's far more interesting than something you can predict based on the cast alone.

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