It’s easy in this day and age to write off every horror movie as a Saw clone or simply just another ghost movie. With another Final Destination and another Paranormal Activity on the way, it’s pretty understandable that people are simply shrugging their shoulders at the genre.

However, this new trailer for Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders has appeared over at Yahoo! Movies UK and if it doesn’t chill your bones then you’re more desensitized than me - and that is saying something. This is our first real look (the teaser was released a little while back) at what is essentially Clive Owen versus ghosts and for now it’s looking pretty solid. Scope it out below.

Cool, right? It’s nice that instead of hiding these so-called intruders from the audience, Fresnadillo has opted to bring them a little more out in the open. The moment when it emerges from the closet right in front of Owen will send chills up your back. What’s also nice about that is that it negates the thing I hate most about ghost stories involving children - parents not listening to their kids and just thinking they’re crazy. With an adult on board, it will be much more bearable.

The film also stars the beautiful Carice van Houten, who starred in the criminally underrated Black Book, as well as Daniel Bruhl who you’ll recognize as that young Nazi from Inglourious Basterds. Paired with Clive Owen, this team in the hands of Fresnadillo, who was once tasked with helming Bioshock before it fell into development hell, should produce a really excellent horror film.

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