Take this one with every grain of salt that resides in the Dead Sea: TMZ, those wonderful kings of everything wrong with this amazing country, is reporting that Sylvester Stalone is in talks with "Junior" John Gotti to portray the late John "The Dapper Don" Gotti in a new biopic. Before he died in 2002, Gotti Sr. was a notorious mobster who was convicted back in 1992 on 13 counts of murder. The film would follow the life of John Jr. growing up and "his tumultuous relationship with his dad."

As wrong as inside sources for movie blogs may be on occasion, in comparison they have a batting average that makes Bill Bergen look like Ty Cobb. You're literally better off getting movie news from the deer that occasionally wanders into your backyard then TMZ. Yes, Stallone may be on the verge of reinvigorating his career with The Expendables later this summer, but until this story can find confirmation somewhere in the vast unknown, feel free to file this under "B" for "Bullshit."

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