“Always shoot first, ask questions later.” It could be Quentin Tarantino’s motto as a filmmaker. It’s also the catchphrase being used to help promote Tarantino XX, an eight-film Blu-ray set encompassing the director’s first 20 years in the film industry. A new trailer setting up the box has been released. We’re sharing it with you right here:

But Tarantino only has directed seven feature films over the past two decades, right? Good counting, QT fans. And here’s the bonus news: The set wisely includes Tony Scott’s True Romance, a movie that turned out as eclectic and electric as it did in large part due to Tarantino’s dense script. If you are going to think outside of the box and include any film not directly filmed by Tarantino, it would have to be True Romance.

As the trailer points out, the eight films will be spread across 10 discs, which will be bursting with more than 5 hours of never-before-seen bonus featurettes and footage. You’ll be able to pick up the anniversary Blu-ray set on Nov. 20.

But here’s the rub: The minute it comes out, it’s virtually outdated. That’s because Django Unchained, the movie Tarantino’s currently prepping – and the one that’s bound to benefit from a retrospective QT release like this – makes the set obsolete because it’s no longer the “complete” Tarantino box set. You’ll have to wait until Unchained hits shelves sometime next year to finally complete the collection. By then, Tarantino will have moved on to his next handwritten screenplay. The creative cycle spins on and on.

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