The Raven is part period drama and part thriller, with a little bit of horror sprinkled in for good measure. The film, which stars Edger Allen Poe, or at least John Cusack as the literary master, only managed to pull in around $26 million worldwide during its initial run. Luckily, if you missed it in theaters, The Raven will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on October 9.

The film follows a detective (Luke Evans) who is tracking a serial killer who is invested in bringing some of Edgar’s most horrific tales to life. Because Edgar Allen Poe becomes embroiled in the investigation, and because so many of Poe’s stories play a huge part in the narrative, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is putting together a set that will offer plenty of historical context and information on Poe. Unfortunately, The Raven will be one of those sets where the Blu-ray purchase will be required to get all of the best extras.

While DVD copies will come with audio commentary, the Blu-ray will feature most of the goodies. The Blu-ray set will come with a ton of deleted scenes, a few featurettes, audio commentary, and a segment on the music in the film. I’m particularly excited about that last bonus feature. Having a feature that looks at how the music plays into the film is a rare extra, and one that should be pretty exciting. You can check out the full list of Blu-ray and DVD extras, below.

The Raven DVD Extras
  • Audio Commentary by Director James McTeigue, Producers Marc D. Evans, Trevor Macy and Aaron Ryder
  • Theatrical Trailer
The Raven Blu-ray Extras
  • All of the DVD extras
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • The Raven Guts: Bringing Death to Life
  • The Madness, Misery, and Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Behind the Beauty and Horror
  • The Raven Presents John Cusack & James McTeigue
  • Music for the Raven: The Team

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