Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich reunite on the fifth installment of the blockbuster Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution, bringing forth another zombie-laden horror-thriller centered on the remarkably resilient security officer turned zombie slayer, Alice. In the first film, Alice was betrayed by the evil Umbrella Corporation, who wiped her memories and buried her deep in the bowels of their genetic research facility, where she had to battle hordes of gruesome mutations to survive.

In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the viral infection from the first film hits Raccoon City hard, turning its residents into monsters. Waking from a coma, Alice soon discovers Umbrella plans to not only quarantine the city, but also incinerate it and all those within its walls. Though Alice once more escapes destruction, and she does so with new super human abilities, which come in handy in Resident Evil: Extinction, where she is forced to face off against a new onslaught of Umbrella forces that includes her own clones.

Finally, came Resident Evil: Afterlife, where Alice and her clones join forces to topple Umbrella. In this battle, Alice not only loses her doppelgangers, but also her superpowers. The last we saw this scrappy survivor, she was calling upon all those who have so far survived Umbrella's carnage to unite, providing a solid launch point for the franchise's next adventure, which now at long last has a full trailer, viewable below, courtesy of the flick's Facebook page.

The trailer was unveiled after a live-chat with the film's star, and aside from the dizzying action displayed above, Jovovich promises so much more, assuring the excited crowd assembled in New York:
"There's so much stuff that's not even in the trailer, that's so amazing...There's so much crazy stuff that's not in the trailer, just because it's not ready yet!...The really amazing thing in this movie is how global it is…because it really takes place around the world—including New York. So I think what really stands out is the global scope of it."

She also revealed that if Anderson has his druthers, there will be at least one more film with Alice. From there, Jovovich suggested that the franchise could live on without her or Anderson, which caused cries of dismay from the audience. To which Jovovich winsomely laughed, "Momma needs a rest!"

Speaking on the passion she and Anderson—who is also her husband—share for the franchise, and she explained their drive to "up the ante," teasing, "This opening sequence is crazy, and I'll give you a hint: it's all played backwards!"

Look forward to that and so much more when Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters September 14th. For more on the film, check our Blend Film Database.

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