Alright, maybe little girls spend more fantasizing about planning Annie someday, but for adult actresses, the pickings don't get much better than Miss Hannigan. The blowsy, funny, washed-up drunk who's put in charge of a girl's orphanage, Miss Hannigan gets many of the best songs in Annie, nearly all of the good lines, and is the rare part in musical theater: a really, really good one for a woman who's not under 30.

As Will Smith and Jay-Z prepare to team up for their new take on Annie, we don't know how much the Miss Hannigan role will change-- but if it's got an A-lister interested, you can guarantee it's still a great part. The Wrap reports that Sandra Bullock is in "early discussions" for the role, which would have her opposite Beasts of the Southern Wild's breakout Quvenzhane Wallis as the adorable Annie, with Jamie Foxx on board to play the heroic Daddy Warbucks-- though the name's been changed to Benjamin Stacks, to keep up with the times.

Even back when the new Annie was intended as a vehicle for Willow Smith, it was clear that Smith and Jay-Z were stepping away from the character as an iconic redheaded white girl, and bringing in new, hip-hop inflected songs while they were at it. When Justin Timberlake was rumored to be up for the Daddy Warbucks part, I was skeptical that they would cast a black girl as Annie and leave Daddy Warbucks as a white man-- the racial implications there were a little too dicey. I had suspected Miss Hannigan might go to a black actress as well, but Bullock's casting suggests they're not going for something nearly as literal as the recent Steel Magnolias remake for example.

Now the real question is, can Bullock sing? The evidence from The Proposal is not super promising:

Then again, it's hard for anybody to live up to the legacy left by Carol Burnett in 1982's Annie.

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