For someone who’s not quite a household name yet, Saoirse Ronan could go toe-to-toe with practically any A-list actor in Hollywood on rumors generated. She could be cast in Anna Karenina now that she won't be playing Snow White, but the biggest rumor of all is about her speculated role in The Hobbit. Though she's not yet officially on board, she told Cinema Blend’s own Eric Eisenberg only that she wasn't confirmed-- a big difference in how likely it is to happen.

When asked if she was attached to the project, Ronan told Eric:
“No, I’m not actually attached. I’m not confirmed. But they are introducing new characters. I know that, a few new characters.”
And here's what she had to say about what character she might play, or even what species she might be:
“Well, IMDb says one thing. I think I could pass for an elf. I think if I had the right ears. I wouldn’t want to be a hobbit. Certainly not.”
Let me go ahead and translate that mess. She doesn't officially have any kind of part, but given how much she knows about the movie and the way she's saying "actually," odds are good she'll be on board eventually. With filming under way, we should have a definitive answer real soon. When it comes, we’ll be sure and pass that along. Until then, expect a whole slew of new Saoirse Ronan rumors about other films you hadn’t even considered she might be in.

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