It was a good story when Charlie Hunnam made good as a screenwriter as well, selling his script Vlad to Summit Entertainment-- our Will LeBlanc was definitely excited to see him building a new career. But in Hollywood, there are few fairy tales or undoctored screenplays, and as it turns out, Hunnam's script isn't exactly what will wind up on the screen.

Instead, THR is reporting that Scott Kosar, the screenwriter for The Machinist, has been brought in to work on the screenplay. Music video director and photographer Anthony Mandler is still on board as director, and will also work with Kosar on the screenplay.

None of this means that Hunnam's screenplay is bad, of course-- it just takes a village to get anything with a remotely big budget made these days. Hopefully Hunnam's promises that the movie will be about Vlad the Impaler and less about Dracula will still be true. There's probably only room for one set of vampires at Summit, and those are the kind that sparkle.

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