While I assume you wouldn't have clicked on this article if you really didn't want to know about the cameo in Sherlock Holmes 2, this is me covering my own ass. If you don't want to know the cameo, don't read on.

Back in November, Rachel McAdams said during an interview that she didn't know if she would have a role in the sequel to Guy Ritchie's smash hit Sherlock Holmes. With the character of Irene Adler only present in one Arthur Conan Doyle story and Noomi Rapace taking over the lead female duties (not to mentioned Adler getting arrested at the end of the first movie), it made sense that she wouldn't be playing a part in the next film, but apparently she just couldn't stay away.

French website StrasTV (via Coming Soon) recently did a video tour of the Strasbourg set of Sherlock Holmes 2 and mixed in amongst the footage is a shot of Rachel McAdams standing next to the director in full costume. While I don't speak the language, the narrator does mention the actress by name, but I don't know if the comments go any further than "Rachel McAdams was there."

Check out the video below, as well as a screen grab of McAdams on set. For more videos from Sherlock Holmes 2, head over to StrasTV.

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