Sigourney Weaver is one of the few actresses that has managed to avoid the "actress-over-40" rule in Hollywood and continually get work in major films. While she isn't getting many major roles like Ellen Ripley or Dana Barrett, she has successfully kept herself relevant, either by doing major blockbusters like Avatar, family films like Holes, or work in independent films. Unlike most actresses who are forced into retirement by the system, Weaver has always managed to keep her career afloat and, right now, there are few ways better to do that than by making a film with one of the Twilight boys.

Variety reports that Weaver has joined the cast of Abduction, where she will star alongside Taylor Lautner. Directed by John Singleton and described as a Bourne-style action film, the film centers on a young man who discovers a baby picture of himself on a missing person's website and goes in search for his biological parents. Weaver will play Lautner's psychiatrist in the movie, which will begin production in Pittsburgh this July.

We will be seeing a lot of Weaver in the next couple years and in no way is that a bad thing. Still scheduled to appear in two more films this year, Greg Mottola's Paul and Andy Fickman's You Again, it doesn't look as though she will be quitting any time soon. An actress who can play any role, it will be interesting to see what she does with this film.

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