For those of you who weren't satisfied by the wholly boring and un-intriguing trailer for Twilight: Eclipse, this might do a better job of getting your juices flowing. On the upcoming DVD release of New Moon there will be included a two-minute behind the scenes look at Eclipse, and much to your benefit, it has leaked onto the internet about a week early.

The clip shows off a bit more "David Slade-y" looking stuff, I.E. a bit more action and fighting than the weak ass trailer promised. According to a friend, there's supposedly a lot of battles and big action sequences in the book that the director hopefully can translate to the screen. We're also promised that Eclipse has a bit more for boys to enjoy, which hopefully means less Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

I actually am kind of excited to see this now. I loved what David Slade did with 30 Days of Night and hope that he brings that same kind of action (minus the heaping tractors full of blood and axe decapitations) to Eclipse. Check the clip out for yourself below.

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