It's still a little hard to believe that, as his follow-up to his Oscar-winning role in The King's Speech, Colin Firth will be starring in a caper comedy. Oh, and he's starring opposite Cameron Diaz. Oh, and the script was written by the Coen Brothers, and will be directed by The Last Station's Michael Hoffman. None of this really makes any sense, and yet I can't deny I'm excited to see Firth in light-hearted, flustered Englishman mode-- though given that he's playing a conman, maybe he won't be so flustered after all.

In a press release yesterday producers not only confirmed that this project is really happening by showing us the first image of Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz on set, but added to the already impressive cast-- Stanley Tucci and Cloris Leachman have both been confirmed for roles, alongside Alan Rickman as the wealthy art collector whom Firth and Diaz are trying to rip off. It's unclear how Tucci and Leachman will fit into the story, but given that they're both actors welcome absolutely everywhere, does it really matter?

Check out the new image below, bearing in mind that Diaz is playing a Texas rodeo queen and that explains the jacket, and look for Gambit in theaters sometime next year as the light and fluffy film you won't hate yourself for seeing.

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