We know that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a dangerous customer in Star Trek Into Darkness, and that anyone foolish or unlucky enough to come into close contact with him-- much less guard him!-- will meet no good end. But there's pretty much no better way to sum up the character's menace, and the havoc he will wreak on the Starship Enterprise, than this new image from the film, in which a band of unsuspecting redshirts surrounds the villain with a sociopathic stare. Take a look below:

Five new images from the film debuted at Entertainment Weekly, and you can click on either those poor redshirts or Uhura and her flashy outfit below to see the full gallery.

The article that accompanies the slideshow, typically, reveals almost nothing about the plot, but Zoe Saldana shares that "I told them to make sure that Uhura kicks more ass" in the sequel, and as you can guess from the trailers we've seen so far, she got her wish. In fact, Abrams admitted that "all of the actors, uh, have more opinions this time," which is probably a natural result of hiring people to take on iconic characters and making them work their asses off to make it work.

Star Trek Into Darkness, as you probably know from that giant calendar hanging on your wall counting down the days, opens in theaters on May 17. We're ridiculously excited for it given what we've seen so far, and we sure hope you are too. For everything else we know about the movie so far-- including plenty of other images-- click here

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