Are Star Wars sensing a pattern in The Force?

ScreenCrush picked up on a trend happening on the official Star Wars YouTube channel. Trailers for the original trilogy are being reposted on a weekly basis, starting with Episode IV on Oct. 9. In fact, interestingly enough, the Return of the Jedi tease that was posted on Wednesday, Oct. 23, used the original title of Episode VI: Revenge of the Jedi. Check that out below.

Here’s where things get super-speculatively, if that’s even a term. If the Star Wars YouTube channel is releasing old trailers once a week, they’d land on Episode VII on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Next week. Which, coincidentally, would be the one-year anniversary of the company officially announcing that Disney had acquired the rights to Star Wars, and would have a new movie in theaters by 2015.

Now THAT’s a well-timed coincidence. And it might be nothing more than that. But it’s setting up to be an interesting day, Oct. 30, because it suddenly feels like SOMETHING will be revealed on that day, following up on the one-year anniversary of the announcement.

Not that Episode VII director would have anything to show. As far as we know, he hasn’t filmed any footage from the upcoming sequel. It’s entirely possible that Abrams could have been hard at work behind the scenes filming some tease-worthy footage with the original Star Wars cast, who have been rumored to be part of the next trilogy in some way, shape or form. A trailer for the upcoming film might also confirm some of the young actors who have been stopping by LucasFilm for an audition, from Saoirse Ronan to Michael B. Jordan.

Honestly, fans are so starved for information on Star Wars: Episode VII that Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy could hit a home run simply by announcing the title of the next movie (which might be called Rise of the Jedi) and confirming an actual release date. Every time we turn around, a new movie is pushing back its release date. If the news on Oct. 30 ends up being that Episode VII is delayed beyond 2015, that would be a devastating blow.

At the moment, it’s all speculation. Nothing Star Wars-related could happen on Oct. 30. This might be the Internet making waves where there’s absolutely no water. But this is what we’ve had to do when it comes to Star Wars, because Abrams is keeping the lid of the “Mystery Box” clamped down tight. At the very least, if you are a Star Wars fan, prepare for something on Oct. 30 … but don’t be too surprised if we end up with more of nothing.

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