Last year, director Oren Moverman wowed audiences with his film The Messenger. Winner of quite a few awards and earning Oscar nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor, the film was seen as one of the best of 2009. Fortunately for Moverman, when you make a quality film people tend to want to work with you, and that's exactly what's happening now.

Variety is reporting that Steve Buscemi, Anne Heche, Cynthia Nixon, Sigourney Weaver and Robin Wright have all joined the cast of Rampart, Moverman's sophomore directing effort. Set to begin shooting on October 25th, Woody Harrelson stars in the film about the scandal in the Rampart Division of the L.A.P.D. in the 1990s in which officers were found to be stealing from the evidence lockers and framing gang members. A fictional account of the events, Harrelson plays an officer caught up in turpitude who has to clear his name. Ben Foster and Ice Cube are also currently attached.

The Messenger was a very small film (made for under $7 million) with an even smaller distribution (the film never made it into more than 50 theaters). With a cast like this, the film is bound to turn some heads. This will be one to look out for in late 2011.

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