These days when I get an invitation from a studio to an advance screening of a movie, it comes with a clause asking me not to write a review of the movie until opening day-- and that includes blog posts, Facebook posts, and yes, tweets, about given movie. It's pretty standard, really-- any information that you wouldn't print in the newspaper, you don't put on your Twitter feed.

It seems only logical that actors who sign non-disclosure agreements about their work on upcoming projects would be subject to the same kinds of rules, but apparently British newspaper The Sun is treating this as news. Using Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers, voice actors for the upcoming Shrek Forever After, as its examples, the Sun says that studios are "inserting clauses in their contracts forbidding them" from leaking information about a movie on social networking sites.

Again, duh. And most celebrities worth their asking price would probably know better than to do this anyway. I'm ready to file this under "not news," except I guess when it comes to new technology, every single thing needs to be spelled out all over again.

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