Saturday marked Day Two of Sundance, and at this point you probably don't need me to remind you how crazy it was. Matt Patches and I were separate for pretty much the entire day, which meant that by the time we reunited that night, we couldn't discuss the same movies but instead swap stories about our various goings-on about town. We took the time to recap Hobo With A Shotgun, the midnight movie premiere we had caught the night before, then each gushed a little over the people we had interviewed earlier in the day-- he Win Win star Paul Giamatti, me Silent House and Martha Marcy May Marlene breakthrough Elizabeth Olsen.

We recorded the video in the lobby of the Yarrow Hotel, that sepia-toned stalwart at the center of the festival that's also the only place to grab a tuna melt and a drink at a certain point in the night. The camera was held by the lovely Alison Loring of Gordon and the Whale; if you want to hear more from me and Patches between video blogs, you can follow him on Twitter (@misterpatches) or follow me too (@kateyrich). We'll be bringing you another one as soon as we can track each other down again.

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