Do you remember your first thoughts when it was announced that they were going to make a Facebook movie? I do. I thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard and that the movie would be all about posting pictures online of yourself doing keg stands and wearing ties on your head. As time drew on, names like David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin and Justin Timberlake were added to the bill and plot points trickled out, but skepticism was still abound.

After last week's poster (which I loved despite our fearless leader's misgivings) my excitement for the film couldn't get any higher, or so I thought. Today, Columbia Pictures released this first trailer which literally gave me chills. It's just so, for lack of a better word, cool. The simple text on screen, the voice over and the the picture of Jesse Eisenberg slowly fading in pixel by pixel is über intriguing and a nice piece of marketing. They've done everything they could to distance themselves from what they surely knew was the original reaction to the idea and have put something together that looks to be one of the most compelling movies of the year. I'm officially excited as all hell for The Social Network and after watching the trailer below, I think you will be too.

(Thanks to those relentless celluloid hounds over at Slashfilm for tracking down the trailer)

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