If you think Americans are obsessed with movie stars and the industry and all that, you've got to catch a Bollywood movie one of these days. Not only is India's film industry even bigger than ours, they've done a better job of holding on to the old-fashioned, stars-as-gods-and-goddesses system that kicked things off back in the 30s.

That's all in evidence in the trailer for Kambakkht Ishq, which we wouldn't be writing about if it didn't actually take place in Hollywood and feature stars recognizable to American audiences. JoBlo has the trailer, which features Sylvester Stallone in a speaking role, along with cameos from Brandon Routh and Kylie Minogue. The film follows a somewhat improbable story about the biggest stuntman in Hollywood (Akshay Kumar) who falls in love with a top model (Kareena Kapoor). Plenty of dance numbers inevitably ensue, but you really have to check out the trailer to understand how crazy this movie has the potential to be. Will American stars get Americans seeing Bollywood movies? Probably not. But the crossover is entertaining to watch regardless.

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