Take Me Home Tonight only made a little under $7 million at the box office, even though Topher Grace was good enough to carry the movie, Teresa Palmer was charming, and Anna Faris and Dan Fogler actually played down their usual over-the-top performances and brought something nice to the table. I’ll just go ahead and blame poor advertising strategies. That and the fact that most audiences aren’t interested in seeing films about people in their twenties, including people in their twenties. It’s a shame, because Take Me Home Tonight is actually pretty great. If you’re interested in more reasons why, check them out right here.

For those interested in entertaining films, especially those evoking youthful themes and '80s nostalgia, it’s not too late to catch Take Me Home Tonight. The comedy will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on July 19th. Blu-ray and DVD features will be nearly the same, although Blu-ray copies will also come with a digital copy. Other extras include seven deleted scenes, a cast “get together,” the theatrical trailer, and TV spots.

The real winner here is the last feature: a musical boom box with the music prevalent in Take Me Home Tonight. I know we all have a soft spot for “Straight Outta Compton,” but other gems show up here as well, including “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Come On Eileen,” and “Safety Dance.” Atomic Tom fans out there might be happy to see their cover of “Don’t You Want Me.” All in all, Take Me Home Tonight sounds like a pretty solid release. If you’re still on the fence over this purchase, I won’t hassle you about buying a copy. Seriously though, at least see this film.

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