Beauty and the Beast 3D isn't the only Disney project that will be hitting theaters this weekend. Attached to all of those prints will be Tangled Ever After, a new short that follows the events of the 2009 animated film and features the wedding between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The only problem is that Pascal and Maximus are having some trouble keeping hold of the rings...

We brought you the first clip from the short film late last week, in which the two animals lose the tiny pieces of jewelery, and now we have a second clip for you, which features the pair in hot pursuit. Check it out!

I actually got to see the full short in front of my screening for Beauty and the Beast 3D earlier this week (you can see my 3D review here) and I can tell you that it's a ton of fun. Maximus and Pascal are great characters to watch and the situations that screenwriter Dan Fogelman puts them in are hysterical. Not only is it great to see Beauty and the Beast back on the big screen, but Tangled Ever After is an amazing cherry on top.

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