Way back in May, Katey told us about Pan, a dark spin on J.M. Barrie's beloved never-aging character. At the time, the project had an excellent cast shaping up, including Aaron Eckhart in the lead, as well as Sean Bean and AnnaSophia Robb. Now add another big name to the line-up: Moviehole has heard word that Terence Stamp will be taking a role in Pan.

Based on a script by Benjamin Magid, Pan does to the Peter Pan legend what the early scripts that became Ridley Scott's Robin Hood did to those stories. Moving the story to modern day and flipping everything on its head, Pan envisions Peter not as a lovable rebel, but as a mysterious, childlike murderer. Eckhart and Bean will be playing Hook and Smee, cops on Pan's trail. Robb is Wendy, who in this incarnation is not Pan's crush but rather a surviving victim who escaped him and may hold the only clues to tracking him down. There's no word yet on who Stamp will be playing. Probably not Pan, although we do already know he can pull off the tights look.

I read an early draft of Pan years ago, and while it still had some shaky elements, there was definitely some potential. They've had several years to shore up those faults and gather an amazing cast, so Pan may be worth getting excited about at this point. Not as excited as you should have been if Guillermo del Toro had ended up directing it, but still.

Pan is slated to release sometime in 2012.

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