I’d be lying if I told you there wasn’t something inherently mesmerizing about watching Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. He may not have the affable charm of Pauly D, the trainwreck absurdity of Snookie or the huge fake boobs of JWoww, but really, he doesn’t need any of those things. His brash arrogance and likeably manipulative personality have long positioned him as the star of the show. There’s a reason why he banked five million last year, just as there’s a reason why he was the one on Dancing With The Stars. The Situation sees himself for what he is. He knows what viewers want to see, and he acts accordingly, without ever giving the impression he’s somehow being fake. Probably because he’s not. You know how we all have facets of our personality? Mike accesses the douche bag facet like no one’s business, but when he needs to class himself up, he minimizes the d-bag and turns on the charm. Still, it’s hard not to question his decision-making skills here.

In an interview with E!, The Situation revealed he’s got another “year or so of reality” in him before he’ll move on to making films. “"It's like Michael Jordan. There's only so long you can keep winning them rings." Atrocious grammar aside, it’s very likely Jersey Shore will run out of steam. It’s been a ratings bonanza thus far this year. That hoopla will likely continue into season four when MTV wisely sends the cast to Italy, but at some point, the fervor will begin to die down. You can’t be a reality star forever, though it’s hard to imagine The Situation ever being a serious movie star.

There are about a thousand independent producers that would sign him tomorrow for their next shitty, direct-to-dvd film, but when a high profile person transfers to a new career, it’s all the more important to start out with something good. Fail once, and you’re seen as a joke. It would serve the Situation very well to begin with a supporting part in a legit, studio-made film and branch out from there. The notion may seem laughable, but the fact of the matter is, millions of people would show up and see Sorrentino act once out of sheer curiosity. If that ever does happen, his further performances will then be left to stand on their own merits. Here’s to hoping he finds an acting coach better than Carl Weathers.

Then again, this could all be about putting pressure on MTV to increase his salary. Jersey Shore is currently bringing in eight million plus an episode. The cast wants to be paid accordingly.

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