It's really a shame that Spider-Man 3 wasn't a better movie. Had it been, we likely would be seeing a lot more of Thomas Hayden Church. Showing an incredible amount of potential post-Wings in Sideways, Hayden Church's filmography since he played Flint Marco has included the dismal All About Steve, Imagine That and Aliens in the Attack. While he does have a couple of things already lined up on the horizon, he's now adding two more.

Variety reports that the actor has been cast in both Cameron Crowe's We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon and William Friedkin's Killer Joe with Emile Hirsch and Matthew McConaughey. While the article offers no details about the role he will be playing in either film, We Bought A Zoo is about a father who decides to buy a zoo in the English countryside after the death of his wife, while Killer Joe is a dark comedy in which a brother and sister hire a hitman to kill their mother for the insurance money. Most recently, Hayden Church played a role in the surprisingly great Easy A and put on a solid performance. Could this be the start of a third coming for the actor? All we can do is wait and see.

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