Thor and Loki really take the idea of "sibling rivalry" and bring it to some whole new levels. While most brothers and sisters typically fight about who gets to borrow dad's car or who tattled on who, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the God of Thunder has to regularly stop his mischievous brother from trying to destroy massive populations with alien armies and the Bifrost bridge. But while the relationship between the superhero and the supervillain does operate at a bigger scale than most sibling fights, they also take part in some of the more normal acts of a love-hate relationship... like backseat driving, as seen in this new clip from Thor: The Dark World courtesy of Moviefone.

While the context of this scene isn't 100% clear, it's fairly easy to put together some of the bigger pieces of the puzzle by thinking about the footage we've seen in previous stills, clips and trailers. For example, we've known for a while now that the movie would be feature a very unstable truce between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston), what we didn't know is that at some point in the movie they somehow manage to hijack one of the Dark Elves' ships to go on a joy ride around Asgard. This quick preview also gives us our best look yet at the new take on the royal realm, director Alan Taylor consciously moving away from the look that Kenneth Branagh created in the first Thor movie and instead constructing a world more closely resembling that of Game of Thrones (which the filmmaker previously worked on) and The Lord of the Rings.

For me, this new clip also brings back the big question of "What happens to Loki at the end of the movie?" It's already been confirmed by both writer/director Joss Whedon and Hiddleston that the God of Mischief won't be back for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, so where does that leave him fate-wise? Will he get to have his moment of redemption or will he ultimately prove just how evil he is? Loki has had one of the most dynamic presences in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, and I can't wait to see where this new film takes his arc.

It won't be long until we all get to see Thor: The Dark World, as the movie will be opening up in many international markets starting on October 30th and will be hitting theaters here in the United States on November 8th. Our own Katey Rich already got to see the film (you can read her reaction piece HERE) and stay tuned in the next couple weeks for interviews, fun editorials and a whole lot more.

Thor The Dark World Poster

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