It's pretty popular right now to lash out at Nia Vardalos. Yes, My Life in Ruins was awful, and yes, her refusal to branch out at all after My Big Fat Greek Wedding is embarrassing.

But really, at this point, I'm starting to move into pity. Because her next romantic comedy, I Hate Valentine's Day, comes out in barely a month, and it looks just as awful as My Life in Ruins, if not worse. Don't believe me? Check out the movie's trailer below, which Trailer Spy snagged. Everything about it, from the gay best friend duo to the cheesy voiceover to the completely contrived plot, feel second-hand and tired. Making things worse, the movie is touted as a reunion between My Big Fat Greek Wedding stars Vardalos and John Corbett, which has the effect of just making both of them seem a little desperate.

Sorry... I said I wasn't going to add to the pile-on. But I just don't have much good to say here. I guess the only benefit is that, if My Life in Ruins's box office is any indication, no one will see this one either.

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