Based on Donald Miller's best-selling, semi-autobiographical novel, Blue Like Jazz offers a contemporary tale of aChristian coming to terms with his faith after fleeing his bible-thumping upbringing. Marshall Allman, who memorably played Sam's pugnacious brother on True Blood, shifts gears here to play a sweet and earnest Evangelical Texan, who abruptly leaves his local junior college to explore a more liberal education in the Pacific Northwest. There, in the midst of one of America's most progressive campuses, surrounded by a diversity of peers he never considered, Miller is soon forced to discover himself and what his faith means to him.

This quirky coming-of-age dramedy is set to debut at SXSW in short order, with a theatrical release to follow in the spring. But you can get a taste of its whimsy and warmth now, thanks to its spirited first trailer:

"Sometimes fitting in means freaking out," explains the leading title cards, and personally I agree. Now, I'm typically a sucker for college-set self-discovery flicks, but I must admit the mention of religion had me wary. However, from the looks of this trailer's quirky sensibility, it doesn't seem preaching a particular doctrine is its soul purpose. Instead, Blue Like Jazz genuinely appears to be about one person's struggle to make sense of the ideology they grew up with—which is a far more accessible, inviting and universal theme. Basically, it doesn't seem a movie made to preach to the choir. With the punchy editing, hip soundtrack, and sharp dialogue displayed above, Blue Like Jazz seems like it could be fun and insightful. Color me intrigued.

Blue Like Jazz opens April 13th.

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