A few weeks ago when we ran an abysmal trailer for the Tribeca movie Don McKay, director Jake Goldberger e-mailed me himself to ask that we take it down, and promised we'd have something to show soon enough, along with an American release date.

Now his promise has come true-- at least the release part. Variety is reporting that Image Entertainment has picked up all the North American rights to the film, with a release planned for April, exactly a year after its Tribeca Film Festival debut. Thomas Haden Church stars in the film as the titular Don McKay, a janitor who returns to his hometown at the behest of his high school sweetheart Sunny (Elisabeth Shue), and winds up in a whole mess of trouble from there. Melissa Leo is also part of the film, but really, the less you know about her role, the better.

Many critic friends of mine came out of Tribeca claiming Don McKay as their favorite film, and the three hilarious lead performances definitely demand to be seen. Now let's get that trailer so I can actually show you guys what I'm talking about.

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