Keith Bearden and Dustin Ingram are pretty silly guys. I should have seen this considering the quirky nature of their film, Meet Monica Velour, but perhaps its sensitive side is what threw me off. Ingram stars in Bearden’s feature directorial debut as Tobe, a geeky high school grad who drives a vintage hot dog truck, hangs out with his 12-year-old neighbor and covets his collection of Monica Velour’s adult films. The latter would be considered a normal thing, but Monica was in her prime back in the 80s. Regardless, Tobe is adamant about seeing his dream girl live so hops in his hot dog mobile and heads to The Petting Zoo in Pinhook, Indiana. Monica struts her stuff, but to nobody’s liking. Well, nobody but Tobe. In fact, Tobe discovers he likes Monica for something entirely neglected by the porn industry, what she had on the inside.

See? Amusing, but serious, just like Bearden and Ingram. Both had an abundance to offer when it came to discussing the ins and outs of the filmmaking process, but, nevertheless, just couldn’t stop cracking jokes, which is very evident in my giggle-filled first question. Take a look at what they had to say about working with Kim Cattrall, the dirty movies within this movie and Bearden’s next project, an end-of-the-world comedy called God Hates Kansas.

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