UPDATE: At the behest of the movie's director Jake Goldberger, we've removed the trailer, which was not intended to be seen by any of you. Hopefully we'll soon have a real trailer to show you, particularly one that doesn't spoil some of the best parts of the movie. Also worth noting: the title is still Don McKay, at least in the United States.

I caught Don McKay at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, where it got a lot of discussion amongst critics and audiences, even though I found it a little too tonally uneven and long to be totally successful. The movie hasn't yet found distribution, but for some reason there's a new trailer for it at Quiet Earth. (via JoBlo). Also, the generic-sounding title Don McKay has been changed to the even more anonymous Moment of Truth. What on earth is going on here?

Though the movie is pretty funny and absurdist, this trailer sells it as a dark suburban drama. It also spoils some of the best moments from the end of the film, so proceed with caution before you watch this trailer at all. In it Thomas Haden Church plays a man (Don McKay, duh) who returns to his hometown to be with his high school sweetheart Sunny (Elisabeth Shue), only to get caught up in a plot much more elaborate than you can imagine. Melissa Leo also stars in a role that, the less you know about, the better (not that the trailer thinks so).

Anyway, check out the trailer below if you like. My guess is the producers are trying to get some attention for the film again and remind potential buyers that it exists. Not sure this sloppy looking, misleading trailer is the way to do it.

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