Joe Kosinski is probably on the verge of a very, very big career shift, as Tron: Legacy prepares to show off what will probably be extensive footage at Comic Con next week, and Disney tries to position the movie as this year's equivalent of Avatar-- well, at least the December blockbuster that demands to be seen. It's probably hard to figure out your next move when you've got something that big looming on the horizon, but Kosinski is doing what he can anyway, signing on to direct the sci-fi spec script Archangels for New Regency.

According to THR Kosinski will also be producing alongside Tony and Ridley Scott, which isn't bad for a guy whose directorial debut hasn't even hit theaters yet. The spec script by Andrew Will is described with those classic words "Bourne style," but is also set in the future and involves aliens, so maybe we can call it "District 9 style" too? Kosinski's timeline for directing it will inevitably depend on Tron's performance and its potential sequels, and he's also got Black Hole, a remake of the 1979 original, in development. Lots of question marks in this guy's future, but hopefully Comic Con next week will start clearing some of them up.

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